Eye Care

Look after your eye health and vision with regular eye examinations from your optometrist

Having a regular eye examination should be an important part of everyone’s health care regime, just like going to the Dentist or visiting the Doctor. One of the most important parts of the eye examination involves checking the health of your eyes. Not only can your optometrist detect signs of eye conditions like cataract and glaucoma, but changes in the eyes can also indicate general health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Obviously early detection is important, so we advise an eye examination at least every two years.

Eye Examinations

At Hey Optometrists we start by taking the time to listen to any problems you may be experiencing with your eyesight. Now is the time to tell us about any particular visual requirements you may have. For example, do you spend a lot of time using digital devices, play the piano or go fishing? If so, we can probably tailor a prescription to meet your needs. We will also ask you about your general health and it is helpful if you can tell us about any medications you might be taking.

Next we carefully check your vision and find out what prescription lenses, if any, you require. Finally we perform a number of tests to determine the health of your eyes. For everyone over 40 this includes tonometry; a vital screening test for glaucoma. Sometimes your optometrist may advise you that we need to perform some additional tests. This might include using drops to dilate your pupils to give us an improved, wide angle view inside the eye, assessing your visual fields or taking retinal photographs (see below). An additional appointment may be necessary for some of these investigations.

Following your examination, we will discuss our findings with you and, if appropriate, offer you advice on prescription lenses, treatment or referral.

Retinal Photography

Our commitment to bringing you the best possible eye care has led us to invest in a Zeiss Retinal Camera. With Zeiss’s superb German optics, this instrument allows us to take a high resolution digital photograph of the inside of your eye, showing details of your optic nerve, retina and blood vessels. These photographs are stored on our practice database and help us to detect any subtle changes that have occurred between examinations. This is particularly useful in monitoring patients with diabetes, macular degeneration etc.

Visual Field Assessment

Our Medmont Automated Perimeter is a modern computerized instrument that allows us to test your peripheral (side) vision. This is useful in detecting and monitoring conditions like glaucoma and neurological problems.

Focus on your eyes, they're worth it.